Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Revenge on a Cheater

It’s not unusual for someone who’s been cheated on to want to get revenge on the cheater.If you find yourself in this situation, don’t do anything illegal in your effort to even the score.

There are many legal ways of getting revenge on a cheating mate.

Read on to find out how to get revenge on a cheater without breaking the law.There are several ways to approach the situation.

Get Legal or Financial Revenge

If you’re married to the cheater there are several things you can do to legally or financially get revenge on a cheating husband or wife. Consider the possibilities involving alimony, child support, division of marital assets ( house, car, jewelry, family business, etc) Consider doing a background check to make sure you aren’t overlooking any hidden assets you might be entitles to.

The FREE Revenge Tip Sheet will give you several suggestions along these lines. To get a free copy, e-mail with “Get Revenge – rb” in the subject line. Follow up the suggestions in the revenge tip sheet, by consulting with a matrimonial lawyer or with a divorce financial planner for details specific to your situation or your state. This will deal the cheater a serious blow.

Get Revenge by Making Their Lover Pay Big Bucks

Getting revenge can build you a nice fat bank account. There are 7 states where you can sue the Other Woman or the Other Man for alienation of affections and end up with a nice tidy sum – even if it’s just an emotional affair. Those states are Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

But to do this you need to know the identity of the person with whom your husband or wife is having an affair. If all you have to go on is a phone number or an e-mail address, you may need to run a reverse phone number search or e-mail address search to find out the person’s name.

Once you have the name, run a background check to see if your spouse’s lover has enough assets to make a lawsuit worth your while. An online background check will uncover any homes, businesses, property, cars, boats, planes, and other assets in this person’s name.

NOTE: Check the Revenge Resource Section for the name of a reliable (and affordable) background check service you can use.

More Ways to Get Revenge on the Other Woman or the Other Man

Some people feel third-party revenge is the best way to even the score - getting revenge on the Other Woman or the Other Man. That could mean exposing the affair to the Other Woman’s or Other Man’s husband or wife, if they’re married, or have a divorce pending. It could also mean exposing the affair to the cheater’s family, employer, or religious organization.

Third-party revenge schemes require careful planning. To successfully pull this off, you need to know the name of the person your spouse or significant other is cheating with. Services that specialize in reverse cell phone searches, e-mail address searches, and background checks make it easy for you to find out their identity, at prices you can afford. Check the Revenge Resource Section for recommended services you can use.

Be Safe, Rather Than Sorry When Getting Revenge

If you’re planning to get revenge, it helps to know as much as possible about both parties involved. So make it your business to find out. Getting revenge on someone who is violent, or who has aggressive tendencies can be a dangerous game. A background check will warn you if either party has a criminal background, arrest record for assault, or any orders of protection, past or present. If so, you may want to back off. Getting revenge is not worth it if you end up in the hospital – or worse yet – the grave.

Revenge Resource Section

Below are some reliable and reasonably-priced resources that will come in handy when you’re plotting your revenge on a cheating spouse or significant other. It helps to know as much as possible about the both parties involved.

FREE Tip Sheet on How to Legally and Financially Get Revenge

No need to run afoul of the law when there are legal and financial ways to get revenge on a cheating spouse. This free tip sheet contains some excellent suggestions. To request a free copy, e-mail e-mail with “Get Revenge – rb” in the subject line.

Phone Number Search - Find out whose phone number that is

A reverse phone number search can help you find out the name of the person your spouse or significant other is cheating with. Write down any suspicious or unfamiliar phone numbers you find on his or her cell phone bill, programmed into their cell phone, on your caller ID, or scribbled on scraps of paper or the back of business cards, Then use this service to do a reverse phone number search and find out whose phone number it is. Your search is 100% confidential. For an additional fee, this service also allows you to run a background check on any names you come across. For more information, click here, or go to

E-mail Address Search – Find out who that e-mail address belongs to

If your spouse or significant other is sending or receiving e-mails from his or her lover and you want to find out who the e-mail address belongs to, you can run a reverse e-mail address search with the largest e-mail search database on the internet. This is the same service used by law enforcement, government officials, lawyers, private investigators and many others. For more information, click here, or go to

Background Checks – Get more information about the cheater, or his or her lover

If you have the name of your spouse or significant other’s lover and want find out more about this person, run a background check to find out things like whether or not the Other Woman or Other Man is married or divorced, where they live or work, if they have a criminal record, what property or businesses they own, and more. All background searches are confidential and can be quickly and anonymously done from your own computer in the comfort of your home. For more information, click here, or go to

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