Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alienation of Affection Lawsuits - the Ultimate Form of Revenge

An alienation of affection lawsuit could prove to be the ultimate form of revenge for an infidelity victim who wants to get even with a cheating mate.

One betrayed wife sued her cheating husband’s mistress for alienation affection and won $9 million dollars. For more about this, see Betrayed Wife Sues Husband’s Mistress for $9 Million and Wins – You Can Too

While there’s no guarantee you’ll win a similar amount, it still might be worth your while to initiate an alienation of affection lawsuit against the Other Woman or the Other Man.

What an Alienation of Affection Lawsuit Can Do

Will your cheating wife’s lover still want her if he has to fork over a sizeable chunk of his financial assets for stealing her away from you?

Will your cheating wife still want to be with her (formerly) wealthy lover if paying off an alienation of affection lawsuit means he can no longer wine and dine her, and lavish her with expensive gifts?

Will your cheating husband’s mistress still to continue with their affair if an alienation of affection lawsuit from you jeopardizes her financial situation?

How much it the affair worth to your cheating spouse’s affair partner?

Is the Other Woman or Other Man willing to pay up?
Or will he or she back off when they find out they have to pay for being involved with your cheating spouse?

If your cheating spouse has left you for his or her affair partner, will having to pay you huge sum of money for alienation of affection put such a serious crimp in their lifestyle that they will be constantly at each other’s throats?

There’s nothing like poverty or dire financial straits to put a damper on an extramarital affair.

Just the threat of such a lawsuit may scare your cheating spouse’s affair partner away and give you the chance you need to try to salvage what’s left of your marriage and get it back on track.

What an Alienation of Affection Lawsuit Involves

An alienation of affection lawsuit is not just limited to a physical or sexual affair. It can also apply if your cheating spouse is carrying on an emotional affair or a cyber (online/internet) affair.

But there are only 7 states that still have alienation of affection lawsuits on their books.

However, even if you don’t live in one of the 7 states, you still may be able to sue.

For more information about what’s involved in an alienation of affection lawsuit, see the article entitled Suing Your Husband’s Mistress for Alienation of Affection and Other Legal Forms of Revenge

Free Tip Sheet on Other Options for Legal or Financial Revenge

An alienation of affection lawsuit is just one of several options open to victims of infidelity who want to get even with a cheating spouse.

There are several other ways to legally or financially get revenge on a spouse or significant other who has cheated on you.

The free tip sheet entitled How to Legally and Financially Get Revenge on a Cheating Mate covees at least a dozen other things you can do.

To request a free copy, e-mail, with the words “ Legal Revenge Tip Sheet - rvb” in the subject line.

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Revenge Resource Section

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